Discover Top-Quality Infrared Camera Installation in Milford, Ohio: Enhance your site’s security with cutting-edge infrared camera technology designed to capture crystal-clear footage in low-light conditions. Protect your property day and night, even in hard-to-see areas such as underground structures or heavily shadowed zones. Choose our Milford, Ohio infrared camera installation services for ultimate peace of mind and comprehensive surveillance coverage.

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Experience Unrivaled Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Installation in Milford, Ohio: Upgrade your security system with our advanced PTZ camera solutions, offering unparalleled flexibility and coverage. Our Milford, Ohio pan tilt zoom camera installation ensures your site is well-protected with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and 3-axis rotation for exceptional coverage. Capture crystal-clear images of distant objects with optical zoom features and enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is under the watchful eye of state-of-the-art technology.


Upgrade to Weatherproof Security Camera Installation for Unbeatable Protection: Safeguard your property against harsh weather conditions with our top-rated IP67 weatherproof security camera systems. Designed to withstand dust, wind, snow, ice, and even submersion in water up to a meter deep for 30 minutes, our cameras ensure lasting performance and minimal maintenance. Trust our weatherproof security camera installation services for lasting peace of mind, no matter the environment or climate challenges your site faces.


Discover Comprehensive Fisheye Security Camera Installation in Milford, Ohio: Enhance your property’s surveillance with our cutting-edge fisheye security camera solutions, capturing every angle of your site using a single camera. Enjoy high-resolution footage up to 4K, seamlessly converted to four standard camera views for easy monitoring on monitors or mobile devices. Benefit from live view, motion detection, and alert notifications with our Milford, Ohio fisheye camera installation services – all without the need for additional software.

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Having the ability to view your cameras whenever and wherever with remote access is key for always being able to know what is happening at your site. Here at Tektronic Systems, all of our systems offer the latest remote connectivity features to meet the huge demand for mobile connection to camera systems so hosts can enjoy peace of mind knowing their site is protected.


If you’re looking to protect an area that normal cameras can’t because of lighting issues, a thermal camera is what you need! No matter if the environment is dark, bright, foggy, smokey, or wet, a thermal camera will detect objects and people by using their temperature to depict a colorful image based off individual object temperatures. Low-lux cameras are also available, which are able to capture quality images in low-light conditions, without the need for auxiliary lights.

infrared-security camera installation


With a security camera that captures license plate information, you will be able to collect video evidence from your parking lot for when incidents occur. This footage can be very useful in finding out who is responsible for an accident or any other crime, and valuable to the police for an investigation if needed. 



With object tracking, any area under surveillance that contains products/equipment can be looked over and assessed to figure out how equipment is being used and where certain products are being stored. You can review footage and prevent the misplacement or theft of products or equipment, to boost your process improvement which ultimately saves you time and money!

object tracking security camera installation


Experience peace of mind like never before with our surveillance cameras’ Color at Night feature. No more fuzzy black and white images – this cutting-edge technology provides clear, colorful video footage even in low-light conditions. See what’s happening around your property with unmatched clarity, regardless of the time. With our Color at Night feature, you’ll have eyes on your surroundings with vivid detail, making sure nothing goes unnoticed, even in the dark.

object tracking security camera installation

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